We conjure a virtual roaming on your screen, a high-standard 360 spontoon sphere - or circlepanorama, from any location, applying the newest HDR technology.

The virtual panoramas associated with audio- video materials, besides that fascinates the observer, they make the seen ones much more memorable.
Our virtual tours can be inserted on websites, or we can make a single independent web page, but we may duplicate it on CD, DVD, what is a most efficient interactive marketing device.

At the same time we undertake the making of placards, posters and panoramas in a demanding and exclusive typographical implementation. Hereby you can decorate your office with your own panoramas.

For us the virtual panorama and the virtual walk is an exciting one, and the same time it is the art of planning of a functional and userfriendly visual concept and his implementation, the trade of a rich and attractively presented formation of the content. This is a magic travel, as a location and a space come to life by the spectacle design and the virtual reality, a world is born.

We recommend our services into the attention of:

-   museums - galleries
-   tourist spectacles
-   hotels - guesthouses
-   real estates
-   creative agencies
-   entrepreneurs
-   settlements
-   stores

Virtual tour in Harghita County

Debrecen/Salonta/Oradea VirtualTour

Chapel Saint Stephen, Kézdiszentlélek

Székely National Museum, Sfântu Gheorghe

Castle Church, Sfântu Gheorghe

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